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Der Löwenbräukeller - eine der schönsten Eventlocations Münchens mit beliebtem bayerischen Restaurant und Biergarten


About Us

1861 until today

Both the Löwenbräukeller and the Schottenhamel family have a longstanding tradition. Travel back through the history of Munich’s hospitality using the timeline.

  • Ludwig Brey

    How it all started

    Ludwig Brey, brewer and owner of the Löwen Brewery, purchases the estate of a wealthy landlord which will later become the

  • Logo Festhalle

    Oktoberfest go-ahead

    Michael Schottenhamel founds the first Oktoberfest tent on the Theresienwiese; a small hut with space for 50 people.

  • drawing löwenbräukeller

    Start of construction

    The Löwenbräukeller is constructed according to plans by Prof. Albert Schmidt.

  • drawing löwenbräukeller


    On 14th June, the Löwenbräukeller is opened amongst a great urging of the public. At the time, the first use of table cloths and napkins was sensational. In addition, guests no longer had to wash their Kerferloher beer mug in an open carrying tub.

  • Aufgetürmt


    The Löwenbräukeller is converted and extended by its pretty tower, whose creation was the work of Prof. Friedrich von Thiersch, the builder of the Palace of Justice (Justizpalast) in Munich.

  • drawing löwenbräukeller

    Entry of the Lions (Löwen)

    The Löwenbräukeller is converted and modernised again. The German sculptor Wilhelm von Rümann models the lion resting on the terrace above the main entrance, the emblem of the Löwenbräukeller.

  • drawing löwenbräukeller

    War turmoil

    During the Second World War, the Löwenbräukeller incurs heavy damages. Following an air strike on 17/12/1944, the festival hall is completely destroyed.

  • o´zapft is

    O’zapft is!

    Thomas Wimmer, the post-war mayor of Munich, declares the Schottenhamel tent as the venue of the official Oktoberfest tapping with his legendary slogan “O’zapft is!” (the beer is tapped).

  • drawing löwenbräukeller


    After renovations, the festival hall of the Löwenbräukeller is finally available for events again. During the course of the renovations, the stage was relocated to the West and the gallery in the East was created.

  • drawing löwenbräukeller

    Fire catastrophe

    Festival hall, gallery, balcony and stage house completely burn down on 23rd July.

  • Wiesenwirte

    Freshly-baked host at the Oktoberfest

    Already at 23 years old, Christian Schottenhamel becomes a host at the Oktoberfest and manages the Schottenhamel festival hall together with his cousin Peter Schottenhamel from this point on.

  • drawing löwenbräukeller

    Tradition in a double act

    Christian Schottenhamel becomes the new proprietor of the Löwenbräukeller.

  • Wiederaufbau

    Tradition meets modern age

    From March until November, the Löwenbräukeller is extensively renovated and equipped with the most modern kitchen and event technology. The newly managed outdoor terraces, which are also accessible from the festival hall, are sensational and beautiful.

  • Führungswechsel

    Change of management

    From now on, Christian Schottenhamel manages the Schottenhamel festival hall together with Michael F. Schottenhamel.

  • Filser Buam


    Christian Schottenhamel becomes President of the charitable organisation “Filser Buam e.V.”

  • BBQ at the Löwenbräukeller

    on the grill

    The beer garden of the Löwenbräukeller receives a new BBQ stand.

  • dänisches Prinzenpaar


    In May 2015, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, our most prominent guests thus far, visited the Löwenbräukeller.

  • 1861
    Ludwig Brey
  • 1867
    Logo Festhalle
  • 1882
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 1883
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 1894
  • 1911
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 1944
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 1950
    o´zapft is
  • 1950
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 1986
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 1987
  • 2008
    drawing löwenbräukeller
  • 2008
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  • 2011
    Filser Buam
  • 2011
    BBQ at the Löwenbräukeller
  • 2015
    dänisches Prinzenpaar

You hosts Christian and Johanna Schottenhamel

The host of Oktoberfest, Christian Schottenhamel and his wife Johanna, are there because of passion and jointly run the traditional Löwenbräukeller and the beautiful estate “Gutshof Menterschwaige”. Both are not only restaurants with splendid beer gardens but also sought-after event locations.

Both warmly welcome you, whether you’re in city centre or at the idyllic riverbank of the Isar in Harlaching.

Wirtsleute Loewenbräukeller

Our company

Old traditions in Munich, Bavarian restaurants, high-quality cuisine, beautiful beer gardens and sought-after event locations – the gastronomy companies of the Schottenhamel family represent all this.


Traditional Bavarian restaurant with beer garden as well as an excellent event location – also for large events – in the city centre of Munich.

Nymphenburgerstr. 2
80335 München

Tel.: +49 (0)89 – 526021
Fax: +49 (0)89 – 528933


Gutshof Menterschwaige

Idyllic restaurant at the riverbank of the Isar, with amazing cuisine at its best. The beer garden invites sightseers to stay and events for up to 150 people to have a dreamlike atmosphere.

Menterschwaigstr. 4
81545 München

Tel.: +49 (0)89 – 64 07 32
Fax: +49 (0)89 – 64 22 97


Festhalle Schottenhamel Logo

Schottenhamel festival hall

The oldest and most meaningful festival hall at the Oktoberfest, in which the keg tapping by the mayor of Munich ceremonially opens the Oktoberfest each year.

Nymphenburger Str. 13
80636 München

Tel.: +49 (0)89 – 544 693 19
Fax: +49 (0)89 – 544 693 20


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