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Der Löwenbräukeller - eine der schönsten Eventlocations Münchens mit beliebtem bayerischen Restaurant und Biergarten


Your contacts

Dominique Bauer Bankettleitung

Dominique Bauer

Banquet Manager

Tel.: +49 89 526021

Fax:+49 89 528933



Kerstin Jungblut Presse Marketing

Kerstin Jungblut

Press – Marketing

Tel. +49-(0)89 547 26 69-15

Fax+49 89 528933


Katrin Killian

Banquet – Event

Tel.: +49 89 526021

Fax:+49 89 528933



Eva Voigt

Sales Manager Nockherberg

Tel.: +49 89 547266910

Fax:+49 89 547266925


Roswitha Della Vecchia Bankett Restaurant

Roswitha DellaVecchia

Banquet– Restaurant

Tel.: +49 89 526021

Fax:+49 89 528933



Jan Köninger

Ticket office

Tel.: +49 89 524244

Fax:+49 89 528933




Dear guests,

Please remember to book early! If you would like to make a reservation for the same day on short notice, but it is no longer possible online, you are welcome to give us a call. Please make sure that you have fully and correctly completed your reservation, only then can we send your confirmation via email. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling: 089 / 54 72 66 90. While we always try to fulfil the reservation wishes of our guests, regrettably we cannot guarantee certain seats or tables. Please be on time!

Data protection: No personal data are recorded without your knowledge. Your personal data, such as name, address and email address, are recorded exclusively for the purpose that they were obtained for the processing of requests and reservations.



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We are grateful for your feedback about your visit to our restaurant, beer garden, event or an event booked at our venue. We take all suggestions and recommendations very seriously and try to implement them as quickly as possible.

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