Specialty beers


Löwenbräu Original 0.5l – “A Hoibe”

At the right temperature, the Löwenbräu Original is a delight for any beer fan. The soft head, combined with the beer’s world-class flavor, makes it easy to taste the hops which grow naturally in Bavaria. Cheers!


Our dining tip: Our crispy roast suckling pig with homemade sauerkraut and potato dumplings.


Franziskaner Hefeweizen 0.5l “Oa Weißbier” (wheat beer)

The “Weißbier” (wheat beer) of the Franciscan monks is popular far beyond the borders of Bavaria and has always been brewed only with the finest hops and spring water from Bavaria. There’s not much more to say aside from: “Hops and malt, may the Lord preserve them.”


Our dining tip: The Löwenbräukeller crispy pork roast is a must with a Franziskaner wheat beer. It is served with homemade sauce and potato dumplings.


Löwenbräu Radler 0.5l “Oa Radla”

Löwenbräu’s Radler (a beer and lemon soda shandy) is one of the most popular summer drink in our tavern. It is a mixture of 1/3 lemon soda and 2/3 Löwenbräu Original. The result? The world’s best thirst quencher. Indispensable and soothing on hot days.


Our dining tip: The two-color Obatzda spread with soft pretzels fresh from the oven, thinly sliced red onions and juicy chives. Enjoy your meal!


Franziskaner Russn 0.5l “Oan Russn”

A true favorite for any fan of wheat beer. The Franziskaner Russn is mixed with 1/3 lemon soda and 2/3 Hefeweizen beer. An unmistakably refreshing flavor blossoms in the mouth as you drink. Men and women alike love this Bavarian insider tip.


Our dining tip: Try our Löwen Burger accompanied by a Russn. Pulled pork, bacon, apple-and-red-cabbage salad and French fries are the perfect counterpoint to this beloved classic at the Löwenbräukeller.


Löwenbräu Premiumpils 0.33l “Oa Puis”

Who says the Bavarians can’t brew pilsners? The Löwenbräu Premiumpils is a stunning example of the bitter, refreshing taste of a pilsner beer. The special glass encourages its sparkling perlage and freshness. Anyone who loves a good beer will know to appreciate a great pilsner – even if it’s Bavarian.


Our dining tip: A bitter pilsner is the perfect accompaniment to our fragrant creamed mushrooms withthick sour cream and handmade bread dumplings. Add a pinch of chives and your taste buds will be jumping for joy.


Franziskaner Kellerbier 0.5l “Unfiltriert & vollmundig” (“Unfiltered & full-bodied”)

Brewed to the specifications of the original Bavarian Beer Purity Law with carefully selected hops from the Haller valley, a long-forgotten brewing technique has been brought back to life. Its unusual amber color and full-bodied flavor are hallmarked by the cloudy, unfiltered liquid – a very fine rarity!


Our dining tip: With a Kellerbier, we recommend ordering our baked red bream fresh from the oven with homemade potato salad and remoulade. This naturally cloudy, slightly sweet beer goes well with the fish and its breadcrumb coating.


Löwenbräu Original 1 Liter “Oa Maß” (say it quickly!)

Most of the year in Munich, our heavy beer mugs are filled with Löwenbräu Original. But during the “fifth season” (which only exists in Bavaria), our delicious Oktoberfest beer is what’s flowing from the taps. Both varieties are unparalleled beverages.


Our dining tip: The best companion to a liter of beer is our crispy pork knuckle with grateddumplings and homemade gravy.


Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel 0.5l ” Oa dunkle Weiße”

Anyone who has enjoyed the subtle nuances of freshly baked bread, caramel, and nuts in this lush, cream-colored head of foam is unlikely to order just one glass. The balance offered by this dark wheat beer specialty is the perfect way to round off a meal for dark-beer lovers.


Our dining tip: Our Dunkle Weißbier goes wonderfully with Vienna-style beef goulash. We serve this with fresh, buttery spätzle (small egg-based dumplings) and a dollop of sour cream.


Löwenbräu Dunkel 0.5l “Oa Dunkls”

An old Bavarian beer specialty that demands the highest level of competence for even master brewers. The special malt flavor comes from the pairing of dark roasted malts with wellbalanced ingredients. For true beer connoisseurs; it’s a genuine joy to drink, and especially pleasant in a cozy setting with friends.


Our dining tip: It may sound strange at first, but once you taste it, it’s a true delight. We recommend pairing a Löwenbräu Dunkel with our homemade Kaiserschmarrn (bread pudding) in a casserole dish, served with almonds and raisins (can be left out on request) and glazed with sugar and apple or plum sauce.


Franziskaner Royal 0.5l “A Rojals”

Wheat beer in its purest form. The flavors of this unmistakable beer are subtly cloaked in elegant nuances of malt. The Franziskaner Royal is a stylish companion for fine dining and is ideal for special occasions. We are particularly proud to announce that the brewery has received an international prize for this beer.


Our dining tip: It’s the number-one tradition at the Löwenbräukeller: “Schwabenpfand’l”, served with sautéed medallions of pork, cheese spätzle, soft onions and hearty mushroom sauce.


Löwenbräu Triumphator 0.5l ” An Triumphator”

There is a very long tradition of brewing Starkbier (“strong beer”) in Bavaria. Also known as “liquid bread,” it is said that it made Lent more bearable for monks in days of yore. With an alcohol content of 7.6%, the Triumphator is a special delicacy in our assortment. It is only available during the “Starkbierzeit,” which takes place every year during Lent. If you’ve never tried it, it’s high time you made up for that!


Our dining tip: Even though it was created to make fasting easier, we recommend drinking Triumphator beer with our cheese and cold-cut board known asBräustüberl“. This features all our specialties for a wonderful light meal.


Franziskaner Hefe-Weißbier Leicht 0.5l ” Oa Leichte Weiße” (light wheat beer)

Franziskaner Hefe-Weißbier Leicht (“light”) has a low alcohol and calorie content. Ideal for connoisseurs who are trying to stick to a conscious diet. Its fruity, slightly sour freshness combined with the lush head of foam impresses anyone who tries it with its hint of citrus. The mild, malty finish rounds off a very pleasant drinking experience.


Our dining tip: Our fillet of zander, roasted skin-on, with tender spinach and buttery potatoes.


Franziskaner Alkoholfrei 0.5l “Oa moi bleifrei Weiße” (nonalcoholic)

Especially popular with athletes. This alcohol-free wheat beer is isotonic and contains the vitamins B12 and folic acid. The naturally cloudy wheat beer with the full-bodied, herbal flavor is the ideal thirst quencher for every occasion. It is also the brewery’s lowest-calorie beer. Cheers!


Our dining tip: Entrecôte of Bavarian grass-fed steer with savory roasted potatoes and green beans cooked with bacon.

Did all of that make you thirsty for beer?

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