The Bräustüberl at the Löwenbräukeller

The Bräustüberl is the linchpin of the Löwenbräukeller. Here you can literally feel the history of this unique building come alive. Our guests from far and wide can enjoy the traditional atmosphere under the lovingly restored vaults, not to mention our specialty beers and tasty Bavarian treats.



Suitable for every occasion

Due to the large number of small rooms, the Bräustüberl is particularly suitable for parties from 10 to 120 people. A particular advantage is the optimal connection to public transport such as the subway and tram. The station exit is more or less our doorstep.

The open kitchen – a highlight

Because quality and standards for our regional products are important, we have installed an open kitchen with elaborate copper decoration. This is where your dishes are carefully prepared, then quickly served.

Always worth a visit

Just come over – any time. For a cozy beer standing up at our bar, or sitting down at an invitingly bedecked banquet table.

Bräustüberl as a meeting place

We look forward to meeting you soon at our Bräustüberl. Don’t forget to make a reservation; you can do this conveniently online or over the phone.

The Löwenbräukeller team

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