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Der Löwenbräukeller - eine der schönsten Eventlocations Münchens mit beliebtem bayerischen Restaurant und Biergarten


Quality and delight


For Löwenbräukeller host Christian Schottenhamel, Bavarian cuisine is a special matter. For this reason, he continually works on refining it with his kitchen manager Thomas Esseln. On the one hand, traditional classics are in the foreground. On the other hand, part of the goal is to newly interpret these with a little creativity and to take the guests on a culinary journey through Bavaria. The interplay between quality and delight is of paramount importance in order to create this. This is just as true for the varied, changing international dishes you find on our menu.

Regional. Seasonal. Original.

These three points are further important elements of the Löwenbräukeller philosophy. For the quality of our ingredients, we rely only on the best. And above all, on sustainability. Short transportation routes from our suppliers ensure a product quality that further intensifies the taste of our dishes.

Every region of Bavaria has its traditional ingredients, dishes and cooking methods. These decisively shape the image of the region and are important both for the sense of home for locals and for interested tourists. The Löwenbräukeller offers this culinary variety of regional cuisine and thus cultivates a piece of Bavarian pub and kitchen culture.


This is highlighted by the quality seal “Ausgezeichnete Bayerische Küche” (Excellent Bavarian Cuisine), with which Löwenbräukeller was awarded. “Three Diamonds”, the highest rating, were received by Chef Thomas Esseln and his team from the Bavarian State Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry as well as the Bavarian hotel and restaurant association DEHOGA Bayern e.V. Both institutions especially seek to protect and promote the unique attributes of regional Bavarian cuisine through this accolade.

The best from the grill

With BBQ or grill specialties, the Löwenbräukeller is further intent on providing the best quality and delight. This is evident through the new grill station in the beer garden. A smoker is located in the centre which guarantees that the meat is cooked even more gently and with exquisite tenderness. At the same time, this type of cooking also gives the grilled meat a unique, characteristic smoky taste. Through the indirect grilling method – with neither meat juices nor fat drippings in the fire – cancer-causing steam is also avoided.

Look forward to a further beer garden highlight: our delicious, homemade Flammkuchen (traditional pizzas) which are also baked in their own oven.

Our partners

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